Training sexual pleasure: How to improve the relationship? What muscles are used?

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Training sexual pleasure: How to improve the relationship? What muscles are used?

Sexual pleasure can be trained. This is because, among the many muscles of the human body, some are actively involved during coitus.

Ensuring the functionality of these districts makes it possible to improve sexual intercourse, especially in qualitative terms. Let’s see which are the most important muscles to train to optimize sexual pleasure and how to recondition them in a useful way for this purpose.

Perineum area

The perineum is a “rhomboidal” anatomical region located in the lower part of the pelvis. It is usually divided into the anorectal perineum and the urogenital perineum.

It has the function of supporting the organs, participates in both urinary and faecal continence and is primarily involved in sexual pleasure.

Also called the pelvic floor, the perineum is made up of three muscle layers:

  • pelvic diaphragm (deep layer), in turn composed of: levator ani, ischio -coccygeal.
  • urogenital diaphragm (middle layer), in turn composed of: deep transverse muscles of the perineum and striated sphincter muscle of the urethra;
  • superficial plane of the perineum (superficial layer), in turn composed of: external sphincter muscle of the anus and the bulbo cavernosa, ischium cavernosum and transverse superficial muscles.

Of all those mentioned, the muscle most involved in sexual pleasure is undoubtedly the levator ani or pubococcygeus. Levator ani or pubococcygeus muscle: what is it for?
The basic functions of the levator ani muscle are:

  • narrow the anal orifice ;
  • narrow the orifice of the vagina ;
  • participate in female orgasm ;
  • contribute to childbirth in women.

Kegel – from which the specific gymnastic exercises for the pelvic floor are named – was the first to carry out in-depth studies on this muscle and to develop a whole series of techniques to control and develop it.

Exercises for the pubococcygeal muscle

According to Kegel, 2 out of 3 women complain of poor vaginal sensitivity during intercourse. In many cases, this problem is caused or aggravated by poor trophism of the levator ani. Since it is a muscle, it is obviously possible to implement a specific training program.

The simplest exercise to identify and train the pubococcygeus is to interrupt the flow of urine for a few seconds during urination. 3 series ( set ) x 5 repetitions ( rep ) lasting 3 seconds each can be performed daily.

There is also a series of objects or instruments able to facilitate the localization of the levator ani and to train it such as, for example, normal vaginal probes ( cones, spheres, etc.) and electronic ones. Another technique used is that of graduated contractions. After a few weeks of training and awareness, you can gradually contract the pubococcygeus muscle for 5 seconds, hold the tension for another 5, then gradually relax it.

The progress of this training in the healthy person is generally easy to obtain (1-2 weeks); in case of reduced function or rehabilitation, it may take a few months.

Benefits on Sexual Pleasure

Training the pubococcygeal muscle with Kengel exercises increases sexual pleasure

Although these are practices still article

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10 benefits of sex for all ages

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10 benefits of sex for all ages

Sexual activity is a panacea for the body at any age and in addition to personal sensations, science is now confirming it.

As documented by the Medical News Today magazine there would in fact be as many as 10 areas in which having sex would lead to concrete improvements in health. Here are the main benefits of regular sexual activity.

Improve the immune system

According to research carried out by Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, having sex once or twice a week would boost the immune system.

Scholars have discovered that by doing so the body would produce 30% more of an antibody called immunoglobulin , compared to those who practice less frequently. Furthermore, it would appear that sexually active people are exposed to more infectious agents than those who are not.

It’s good for the heart

From a scientific point of view, sex is considered in all respects a physical activity that stimulates the heart and consequently is good from this point of view.

In fact, during intercourse, the heart rate increases and reaches its maximum beats with orgasm . This sort of training means that men with a regular sex life are 45% less likely to have a heart condition.

Moreover, unless further clarifications are given by your doctor, sexual activity is by no means discouraged for those who already suffer from heart problems because the effort it requires is comparable to that needed to carry out the normal actions of daily life.

Lowers blood pressure

This benefit would particularly concern women . Indeed, following a study conducted by the University of Michigan on a group aged between 57 and 85, it emerged that those who still had an active sex life were unlikely to suffer from high blood pressure .

Relieves headaches

Having sexual intercourse would also be an infallible method of combating migraines and cluster headaches , at least according to what emerged from a study by the German University of Muenster. Analyzing people who suffered from these disorders, the scholars have in fact discovered that having sex would lead to a marked improvement in 60% of migraine cases and 37% of cluster headaches.

The reason would be to be found in the fact that the embrace stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain , a sort of natural pain reliever in the body.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

In this case, men would benefit. Research done by the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda found that if a man ejaculates 21 times or more a month he has a third lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who do it 4-7 times at the same time .

There are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. The first is that frequent ejaculations could allow the prostate gland to eliminate any carcinogens and other elements that could contribute to forming them. The second is that regular drainage of prostatic fluid can prevent crystalloid microcalcifications from forming in the prostate duct.

Perhaps not everyone knows it … article

Sex and Sleep: What Relationship Is There?

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Sex and Sleep: What Relationship Is There?

Sleep has far-reaching effects on psycho-physical well-being: it is, in fact, one of the fundamental pillars of health for almost all processes and systems in the body.

In adulthood, sexual health is also an important component of well-being, considering that it is not only a physical matter, but also involves emotions, relationships and a wider quality of life. Despite the major role both sleep and sex play in terms of health and well-being, their relationship has often been scientifically overlooked or overlooked; only recently, research has begun to reveal a close two-way link. While more studies are needed to explore how and how much they influence each other, the evidence gathered so far shows that quality sleep can promote a better sex life, as well as healthy sexuality.can facilitate a good restorative rest.

Gender and Sleep: Key Elements

Sleep and sexuality are functions regulated by complex mechanisms, which involve the body from both a physical and mental point of view. Briefly, for a more complete understanding of the relationship that exists between them, let us recall which key elements characterize them.


Sleep is a period of decreased perceptual and motor activity that follows a circadian rhythm. During this “suspension”, breathing continues, the heart does not stop beating, blood circulation does not stop and the production of hormones does not stop. Perception is also not absent, as a person may be awakened by a sound or tactile stimulus, and muscle activity may occasionally occur (for example, when changing position in bed).

Sleep is essential for the recovery of energy expended in daytime activities, although the physiological role is not limited to this. Experimental evidence has shown that night rest can facilitate the storage of useful information acquired while awake and helps to consolidate lived experiences. Furthermore, recent data demonstrate the implication of sleep in immune defense mechanisms.

Good sleep requires a sufficient amount of rest, ideally 7-8 hours a night for most adults.

Sleep quality is also crucial. The typical night’s rest consists of several sleep cycles, each of which consists of individual REM and non-REM phases that alternate several times (in total, 5-6 cycles of 90-100 minutes duration occur). A continuous night’s sleep, without interruptions, allows these phases to take place correctly, allowing for truly restorative sleep.


Like sleep, sexual function is a complex physiological process in which the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems play a fundamental role. There are also psychological elements involving thoughts and emotions that occur during sexual activity.

Sexual function is divided into four distinct phases:

Sex and Sleep: What Relationship Is There?Excitation or excitation phase: it is a physiological response to sexual desire (libido) which develops following a stimulus to the autonomic nervous system (physical and/or psychic), from the most disparate origins. If on the one hand the desire intensifies, on the other the excitement allows the sexual response at the genital level, which is macroscopically different in men and women, for obvious reasons of anatomical dimorphism. In any case, stimuli are important to maintain a strong motivation for … article

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